The Hoot Owl Creek Ranch is located in the southern end of the Alexander Valley,  just north of the Knight’s Valley and the Napa Valley. It extends for 22 miles in length and varies from two to seven miles across.

From the hills on both sides of the Russian River plain, and encompassing nearly 77,000 acres, it has over 15,000 acres planted at this time As our ranch was purchased mostly for its wonderful river frontage it was nice to find that its characteristics as a vineyard site were also very good. Fog streams in from the Chalk Hill Valley, up the Russian River, and in from the Healdsburg gap. This cools the area in about a ten day cycle in the summer, as the fog builds and ebbs. The soils are gravelly and well drained, and the new vineyards in the hills show great promise.

We have been growing Cabernet Sauvignon in the Alexander Valley since 1962.